Amazon Kindle rankings and my obsession with them…

Who would have thought that these set of numbers underneath the product details of a book could cause such anxiety, and such joy! This is the second day my book has been up for pre-order (release date 18th Feb 2017) and the rankings as of today are as follows:

(click here for up to date sales on an ongoing basis)

Amazon Bestsellers Rank #7110 Paid in Kindle store

#136 in Books>fiction>fantasy>contemporary

#244 in Kindle store>books>Science Fiction & Fantasy>Urban

#254 in Books>fiction>fantaasy>Urban

#136!!!! I mean I didn’t expect that to happen if I’m honest, and in actual fact I’m not entirely sure how this has happened because when I look at my stats just 17 books have been pre-ordered? I wonder whether there are some stats I can’t see yet, that is, if anyone has requested The Soul Guide via Kindle Unlimited and that’s made a difference to the rankings? If so, I’d like to see those figures for sure. I’m going to be popping on over to my new author buddies on K-Boards shortly to see if they can enlighten me. If I get an answer I’ll let you know.

Honestly though, I am pretty damn pleased with those rankings. I hadn’t expected to register on any rankings at all let alone have rankings like these so I am allowing myself another little happy dance to celebrate (I do a lot of these, my family are quite used to it by now).

BUT and there’s a big but, I know enough to know that these rankings can change hourly and can go up and down dependent on sales and other contributing factors, but I’m making note of these rankings now because, heck, I’m stoked!

I’m fascinated by it all, and will be keeping a close (obsessive) eye on the rankings just to see if I get into any top #100 (imagine that). If that happens then I deserve a glass of Merlot for sure!

UPDATE TO POST: 10th Feb 2017

As expected my rankings have dropped and on trying to figure out why, I’ve decided that consistency is key… Selling lots of books everyday pushes you higher up the ranking. Seems pretty obvious really! The first two days of my book being on pre-order and receiving a reasonable amount meant that my ranking was higher. Today the amount of pre-ordered books dropped and therefore so did my ranking. Add that to other books in the same category selling more and it all adds up, so to speak.

All in all it’s not a bad ranking still, but I would still love to get into the top #100 for sure!

As of right now 20:30pm my rankings is:

#13,607 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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