Why I write dark fantasy…

As a child I had a pretty vivid imagination. I remember having nightmares almost every night, so much so that I ended up sneaking into my parents bed on a regular basis. As a parent I know how much this can disturb your sleep and other night-time activities (lol). So, apologies Mum and Dad!

I think I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of things, not in a weird, ‘I’m into occult’ kind of way, but in a ‘I like to be scared out of my wits’ kind of way. I loved to listen to ghost stories, watch dystopian / sci-fi TV shows and movies and read horror. As a teenager I loved Stephen King and James Herbert (the Rats series was my ultimate favourite) and I used to scare myself silly reading late into the night and then found I wasn’t able to get to sleep. I used to watch movies like American Werewolf in London, The Lost Boys, Scream, Blair Witch and so on. There was something about being scared silly and then being able to close the book, and switch of the TV knowing you were ok (after watching something mundane like Eastenders, that is). It was the thrill of the scare I guess.

My brothers and I used to love talking about scary stuff, they used to make it their aim to scare the c*&p out of me on a regular basis. One brother even hid under my bed, so that at night-time he could grab my ankle! No wonder I had nightmares!!  Still, to this day I look under my bed when I’m feeling particularly spooked. Stupid I know!

Then, as an adult I was drawn to reading more dystopian/apocalyptic fiction and all genres of fantasy rather than horror, so it seemed natural to write in one of these genres. Interestingly, ever since having children I’ve not been able to watch or read horror so much and now avoid them as much as possible (particularly movies – I walked out of 28 weeks later as I was just too scared).  If you are like me, and you get totally immersed in a movie or a book, the scare factor is ramped up ten fold when you have children. I think as a mother, psychologically, I now have something more precious than my own life to protect and when I watch these movies, or read those books I can’t help but think what would I do in those situations? How would I protect my kids if that happened? As a self-centred teenager those thoughts just wouldn’t have occurred to me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still elements of horror that interest me, a real evil antagonist or dark, scary creature are a must and they do appear in The Soul Guide, but so do other elements like friendship, love and hope. As my book’s strap line states : “Where there is dark, there is always light” and never more so than in this book.

On another note I got my first review and its a five star!!! Totally stoked!


My first review and its a five star (go me)





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