Author relations…and why they are important for a newbie like me.

Recently, a fellow author , Michael Whateley offered to put a ‘guest author’ blog spot on his website to introduce other authors to his readership. Of course, I jumped at the chance figuring that it couldn’t hurt! (I need all the help I can get). This blog post has now gone live.

Click here to have a read about what I had to say.

Click here to visit Michael’s website and to find out more about him and his writing projects, released books and general interesting information that’s worth a read.

When I first started this journey in the world of self-publishing I could never have foreseen what was to come. It’s only been two-months since The Soul Guide’s campaign started in Kindle Scout and not even a month since my book was up for pre-order on Amazon. In fact, it’s only been eight days since it’s release on the 18th February! It certainly feels like its been so much longer than that!

In the last couple months I’ve met some wonderfully generous and helpful fellow authors who are not afraid to give advice and share their own publishing successes and pitfalls.

When I started out back in December, I honestly thought that my self-publishing journey would be a lonely one. I imagined myself sitting for hours on end, working way into the night tirelessly plugging away with promotion and marketing and writing and social networking…. well you get the drift, and whilst this is still all true, I haven’t been alone in this journey. Not in the least. I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a nice bunch of people. I’ve picked up some amazing tips, learnt from other’s mistakes (which they have willing documented in their own websites) and have made some great connections.

I am all for supporting others in their journeys and will endeavour to do what I can for other authors. I believe that one good deed should be returned in kind.

Currently I have bought some of my fellow authors books so that, not only can I support them in their sales figures but also with the intention of reviewing their books (reviews are soooooooooooo important for us authors). I have a queue stacked up and am working my way through them one-by-one.

So, to all those wonderful Kindle Scout Alumni authors THANKYOU for making this journey so far not so terrifying! You’ve all given me the courage to keep going despite the constant self-doubt that I have.



One thought on “Author relations…and why they are important for a newbie like me.

  1. michaelpwhateley says:

    I love the fact we all help each other. Long gone are the days of the lonely author banging away at the typewriter. Social media and technology has created a revolution in writing. Viva la revolution.

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