Promotion week #2

I said that I’d report back with the results of my ‘promotional push’. Well, overall I must say it was pretty disappointing given they ££ I paid in comparison to the buys and Kindle Unlimited downloads of The Soul Guide.

The number of downloads were in the tens, not the hundreds that I’d hoped for.

In fact the BIGGEST disappointment was Books Butterfly. After spending approximately £50 on a push that promised at least 20-60 boughts and a surge in KU downloads – well lets put it this way – they failed miserably and I’m half a ton down. Bottom line is I won’t be going back to them. Maybe they’ve worked for others really well, but for me it was a complete nose dive. Shame, I had high hopes for them.

Hey, you live and learn! I’ll take that loss on the chin as an experiment, albeit an expensive one.

What I will say is the BEST RESPONSE was from other author sites – Readper run by author Jaxon Reed got me the most click links to my book on Amazon (57) not only that the  tweet he put out about my book on his Twitter account @readperbooks has been retweeted 106 times (and counting) effectively advertising my book to thousands of potential customers and whilst I’m still uncertain as to the selling power of ads in Twitter, I am glad my book is getting out into the consciousness of potential readers.

In addition, I certainly saw a spike in buys following Jaxon’s newsletter going out. Not only that, Jaxon sent me an email with my book stats – not one other promotion I’ve paid into has done that! Put it this way, I will definetly be going back to Readper for book two!

With this revelation in mind – I have now looked into more ‘author’ promotion / cross-promotion sites and have signed up to a few coming up over the next weeks and month. All of which have been FREE to join! My only outlay being time.

The first is via Melanie Tomlin of THE PROLIFIC READER  – AN INSTAFREEBIE REPOSITORY Essentially, you sign up to her webpage to promote your Instafreebie giveaway. In order for this to work you have to have either an excerpt (I have the first few chapters of The Soul Guide available on Instafreebie) or a full novel / novella etc available to download. The idea is she collects all these freebies in one place on The Prolific Reader site and interested readers click on the books they like and are taken to the Instafreebie link for that book where they can download it. The genius of this is that, when the reader downloads a free book they are given the option to sign up to the author’s newsletter (in fact some have to sign up in order to get the freebie download). If they like the book, or the excerpt you hope they then go on to purchase the full book or other book in the series. That’s the aim, and by the sounds of it works really well!

Not only that, all of the authors whose books are advertised in The Prolific Reader have to put in the effort to advertise the webpage on all their social media accounts and Newsletter (and/or Blog as I am). This works beautifully as we are all invested in making this work, the more the page is promoted, the more books are downloaded, the more newsletter sign ups there are, and hopefully, this will lead to buys of the full book (fingers crossed in my case) or other books available in an author’s catalog. So, its a win win situation no matter how you look at it and it’s FREE!!!!!

There’s a big ‘push’ tomorrow where all authors are expected to advertise the giveaway in as many places as possible. In addition, Instafreebie are going to advertise The Prolific Reader on the 24th March to its hundreds of thousands of members! This should hopefully lead to more downloads, more newsletter sign ups and (hopefully) bought downloads of authors books.

I applied to appear on Melanie’s site on Sunday 11th March and in three days I have had more downloads of my excerpt than the previous three weeks the book has been available plus I have had doubled my newsletter sign ups!

I can’t wait to see how this pans out and whether, ultimately, the instafreebie downloads will lead to actual KU reads and sales. I am quietly confident, the evidence already speaks for itself.

I’ve also got two other promotions coming up over the next month as follows:

March 22-23 Fantasy / Science Fiction cross promotion with author JLHendricks

April 10-16th Fantasy / Science Fiction cross promotion hosted by another author Dean F Wilson (also well known on the Instafreebie site)

Like with The Prolific Reader the expectation is that I will notify my mailing list with this promo, which I plan to do in my first newsletter, as well as advertising on all social media sites.

All of this is free for me, and great for my subscribers who will have access to some free and some paid (cheap only 99c/p) books on Amazon that they may otherwise not have been aware of.

I now beleive that this is firmly the way to go. After all, the authors hosting these cross-promotions get new eyes on their books and I get new eyes on mine with just a small amount of effort and time.

My advise, therefore, is to get into as many cross-promotions as possible. Ultimatelty, once my own subscribers have grown, I plan to host some of my own promotions. But for now I am happy to subscribe to others.

Here are some links to the various Facebook pages where (if your an author) you can request to become a part of these cross-promotions:

The Prolific Reader promo sign up form: (all genres welcome)

The Prolific Reader web page:

The Prolific Reader facebook group:

Prolific reader promo 2

SFF Book Bonanza closed facebook page for authors of Sci-Fi and Fantasy:

Instafreebie Promo closed facebook page for authors of all genres:

I’ve learnt a hard (and expensive) lesson this past couple weeks and whilst I won’t rule out paid promotions just yet, I think I will save the big money on the promotion sites that are known to provide a great kickback, like BookBub for example. In the meantime, whilst I save my pennies and hopefully draw in more readers I will be funnelling all my efforts into author cross-promotions for sure and blogging of course 😉

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