I went and got a tattoo.

At the weekend I got a tattoo done. It didn’t hurt (much). No, seriously, it was pretty painless, though perhaps I’ve got a higher pain threshold than the average Joe?

But what has this got to do with writing, I hear you ask?

Well, if you’ve read The Soul Guide you’ll understand ‘bees’ figure heavily in the story. I also like tattoos, I’ve been wanting another one for some time (I have a very small flower that I got when I was seventeen – many, many moons ago). This time, I really wanted to think about what I had inked into my skin. Eventually, I came across the ‘unalome’ and when I found out what it represented I decided that I wanted a tattoo that combined both the bee an unalome.

An ‘unalome’ is first and foremost a spiritual symbol. In Buddhism, they are the visual image of reaching enlightenment. The spiral represents our struggle in life, which then leads to a straight line (reaching enlightenment) Instead of a straight line I chose to have a bee. Bees are incredibly important symbol to myself and my family. There’s a blog post about it here if your interested in finding out why. Not only that, as I’ve mentioned bees are an important symbol in my book and what better way to acknowledge that than to have a tattoo combining the unalome and bee. Anyway, I’m blithering on again. Here it is….

Bee tattoo

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