The paperback is finally here!

On Mother’s day I received my paperback proof of The Soul Guide. I was ridiculously happy to see my book in print. Weirdly, it seemed more special than when The Soul Guide was released on Amazon for download. Somehow, holding it in my hand was way more emotional. I am not ashamed to say that I blubbed (happy tears) quite a bit when I got it. The picture below was after I pulled myself together enough to take a photo. I think my kids had thought I’d gone mad. My husband certainly did!


Eventually, after much jumping up and down and ‘mum’ dancing, it was time to settle down and have a read through. Now, at this point, as I gazed at my front cover and had a little sniff at the pages (please tell me you love the smell of a book, otherwise I’m going to feel like a weirdo) I was smugly thinking that The Soul Guide would be perfect. That there would be no issues. That I would have an enjoyable read through in the knowledge that not only was I a great writer, I was also a brilliant editor, proof reader and general all round wonder woman.


Opening up the first page I spotted a glaringly obvious grammatical error and my heart sank. I carried on flipping through and low and behold every few pages or so there was something that needed correcting. It wasn’t massively bad, but it was bad enough for me to have to make good and have a slight panic attack to boot.


At this point, two immediate thoughts popped into my head. Firstly, if the paperback had these issues, then so too would the e-book and two, why were these not spotted in the billion times I checked the manuscript?

A few deep breaths later I calmed down enough to go through the book and mark it’s beautiful, crisp, white pages with pencil and came to the conclusion that I, alone, will never see all the mistakes no matter how many times I read through. Don’t get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things there weren’t that many and they weren’t that bad. But I am a perfectionist and I want my book to be perfect, or at least as close to damn it that I can get it. The problem was I just couldn’t afford a professional and although I did have other eyes go over my manuscript (several, in fact) and even though they were all very good at spotting grammatical issues (which I corrected) none of them were professional copy-editors. I guess what I’m saying is that this is a must on book two. Lesson learnt.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, my print release is finally available to buy!

Here are the links if you fancy purchasing a paperback copy:

Apologies, enough of the hard sell.

So, what did I learn from this? For one thing, before I release my next book I will get it professionally copy-edited. Then I will send for a paperback proof BEFORE releasing either version. There’s something about trying to edit on a computer, and to a certain extent on a manuscript, that prevents you from ‘seeing’ all the errors. Some weird kind of eye, brain thing that just doesn’t connect up or something. I’m certainly not suggesting this is the case for everyone, but it’s certainly the case for me.

Finally, to celebrate the release of The Soul Guide in paperback, I am setting up two separate giveaways one via for US readers (I can’t do this in the UK for some reason) and on Goodreads for both UK and US readers.

Goodreads start’s on Thursday 6th April and runs through to Saturday 6th May. I will be giving away one signed copy of my paperback. See the sidebar to your left to click on and enter for your chance to win. is available now. Click here to enter. I will be giving away one paperback with this competition.

Ultimately, my aim is to get my book read. At the moment, even though I am happy with my sales, I’m making very little money with the almost non-existent royalty rates for sales of the e-book and paperback. I hope that this may change one day, but for now my aim is to get people to download my book, enjoy it and tell their friends. These competitions help to get my book noticed and hopefully encourage people to download and read it.

So why not free then? Well, I did put The Soul Guide up for free on Mother’s day and the day after and I got more people downloading it in those two days than I have since its release, so I know interest is there and even though I was making no money at all, it was a great feeling.

One of the reason’s why The Soul Guide is back to 99p/c is because I am partaking in some cross promos in April and I can’t keep it free during this time. Also, I worked blooming hard on The Soul Guide and I do think it’s worth buying, especially since it’s at a price lower than a cup of coffee 🙂

For those of you who enter the competition. Good luck! If you win, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time folks x





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