Hello all! If you hadn’t already figured out, this week my blog post is about Goodreads Giveaway’s. During my journey as a self-published author I’ve read that doing a Goodreads Giveaway is a sure fire way of getting your book noticed by the voracious Goodreads members. I am aware that just because people enter the competition it won’t necessarily mean an uptake in sales, but it certainly helps to get my book out in the consciousness of the general public and with over 25 million members that has to be worth it right?!

So, of course, as soon as the paperback was ready for The Soul Guide I decided to do my own giveaway! What have I got to lose?

At the moment only paperbacks can be entered into a Giveaway (I understand an e-book giveaway is in BETA testing currently, although their appears to be a cost for this service). As the author, I am responsible for setting up the giveaway, deciding how many books to give out and which countries to include. For this giveaway I decided to just include US and UK as this is where the most of my e-book sales have happened, and I just wanted to test the waters because it’s my first giveaway. Dependent on how successful (or not) this giveaway will be I will review it for the next time. 

So, from 6th April until the 6th May 2017, members of the US and UK can enter for a chance to WIN a signed copy of The Soul Guide. If you are reading this on a desktop then look to the sidebar —————————> and you can click on the giveaway link to enter.

If you’re reading on a phone then that might not be visible so follow click ***HERE*** to enter.  

In actual fact, when I first heard that this was an option on Goodreads I was pretty surprised. I had no idea that the Goodreads Giveaway’s existed and I’ve been a member for some time. Granted, I wasn’t the most engaged member (I tend to use it to read other people’s reviews for books I’m considering reading) so that may account for my lack of knowledge. However, I hope to rectify that now.

To be honest, finding out about these hidden gems has only really happened since becoming a self-published author. I’ve found out tremendous amounts and when I gear myself up for my next release I think I will be in a much better position in getting the launch right (I hope, fingers crossed and all that). 

For now, whilst I’m still writing book two of the series, and the prequel I will keep plugging The Soul Guide as best I can. Imminently, I’m going to start a ‘small successes’ page (find it on the top of the site- once I figure out how to do it) where I can log my successes so far. I kinda pinched this idea from a closed Facebook Group I’m a member of where we all post our ‘small successes’ but I think it would be great to record my own here, even if it is only me that reads them! ;0)

Also, whilst I’m on the subject of Goodreads Giveaways there are a load of other books available and I think it only fair to provide the link to theirs too. I’m all for supporting other authors…. so click ***HERE*** to go to the main giveaway page. 

Of course, if you’re not successful in winning this competition, then The Soul Guide is still available to download! 😉

To those of you who enter……. GOODLUCK!

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