April Promotions #3

What have I learnt in March?

Well, in terms of sales, March was a pretty quiet month for The Soul Guide. I had some buys, about 40 and a couple thousand Kindle unlimited (KU) page reads but in comparison to February it was a bit of a disappointment considering the ‘paid for’ advertising I did. Don’t get me wrong, at this early stage it isn’t about making money, its about getting my book read. That is the most important thing to me right now.

Just to give you an idea of royalty payments, out of a 99p e-book sale I get about 35p! That’s it, so this really isn’t a money spinner (although I am forever hopeful that one day it might be). In addition, every page read in KU amounts to approx 0.05p so ALOT of pages need to be read via KU for it to be profitable. I’ve had approx 5,500 page reads since The Soul Guide was released on the 18th Feb, which equates to about £22.00! But it’s better than nothing, and if I didn’t put my book in Kindle Select then this would have been a big fat zero! So, I’m not complaining.

Given the nose dive that was March, I resolved to up my marketing and promotion without having to pay as much. I joined a fair few closed facebook groups for authors, one being 20Booksto50k (this is an AMAZING indie-author group full of fantastic advise – if you are an author I urge you to join) as well as some genre specific groups in SciFi and Fantasy. It is here that I found some super promotions to join. I’ve listed them all below and the links to the relevant pages for those of you who are readers and want to get some free / discounted reads:


Just click on the highlighted link and it will take you to the relevant page:

The Prolific Reader – An Instafreebie repository

Prolific reader instagram 2

There are well over 400 free e-books / excerpts available to download via The Prolific Reader, which is an Instafreebie repository. So far this has been the most successful promotion for me to date. I have had approx 250 people sign up for my newsletter in March alone via The Prolific Reader. Really pleased with the results.

Kindle Unlimited promo via SFF Book Bonanza April.


This Kindle Unlimited promo was organised by Dean Wilson, another successful SciFi/Fantasy author. I am told that there aren’t many KU promo’s around so I was pleased to get in on this one. This month I have seen a real spike in KU page reads. I have had more KU page reads from 1st April to date, than I did in the whole month of March so I am super chuffed with this!

Epic Worlds Instafreebie Giveaway.

This was set up by another author Brian Ference. This promo is another one that links with Instafreebie, so you click on a book hosted in Brian’s website and it connects you to that free book or excerpt on Instafreebie. This doesn’t officially start until April 19th and will last through to May 19th so I will feed back with the results of this in my next Promotions blog. There’s a great selection of SciFi/Fantasy novels / excerpts from 80+ authors to download FREE! Worth a look for sure.

SFF 99c Promotion 10-16 April


Another fantastic promotion set up by Dean Wilson. There are 30 + books / box sets available to download for just 99c (mine being one of them) during this week only. Be sure to grab a bargain! In terms of generating e-book sales, this has gained me a few sales and there are still two days left, so hopefully some more will occur over the weekend!

Multi Indie Author Sale Event.

multi indie author promo 1

This fabulous event takes place on the 19th & 20th April, and has been set up by author Samantha A Cole. There are over 110 authors participating whose books are either on special offer for $0.99 or FREE to download on these two days only! If you click on the link during those days you will find a whole host of books from different genres.

In addition, there will be a

FACEBOOK EVENT  – https://www.facebook.com/events/1347821225278586 Join us for two days of author takeovers, contests, and all around fun!  

RAFFLECOPTER – Want to earn chances to win the grand prize of an Amazon Gift Card valued at $100, then check out our Rafflecopter link. There are hundreds of ways for you to earn a chance to win and find new authors at the same time! http://gvwy.io/q8lpu6l


In addition to the above promotions, I was also featured on Mercedes Fox website. Read my author interview here. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It’s a fantastic way to get to know other authors and for potential readers to get to know me!

All in all, I think I have done the best I can to get The Soul Guide out there in front of more readers I otherwise wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken part in these promotions. There is still work involved, I have to make sure that I remember to post on my social media accounts as well as include in my newsletter and here on my blog. But, you get back what you put in and at spending no more than $5 this month on advertising and already seeing results I cannot complain!

This is clearly the way to go! On that note, I’ve already joined up to some promo’s in May too, so look out for these next month 🙂


Until next time folks!!




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