Not quite a You Tuber, but…

The last couple days I’ve been pondering ways to get The Soul Guide out there in the consciousness of the general public. There are so many outlets both paid and unpaid, but I wanted to try something different. At least different to what I’ve done already. I am a big lover of Instagram (connect to my page here) though I always thought it was a better promotional tool for artists rather than writers. My husband, by the way, is an amazing artist and has his own Instagram page here. He paints portraits and is pretty blinking amazing at it, but I digress.

Anyhow, I suddenly had an epiphany. There really aren’t any independent books stores near me where I can do a book reading and so, I thought, why not use the one minute you get in Instagram to read an excerpt of The Soul Guide? Apart from getting trolled what did I have to lose? I’m old enough now to take any critism on the chin, and rather than just pictures I hope that this would connect me more to my readers.

So, I’ve just uploaded a little video of me reading an excerpt of The Soul Guide. Despite my weird sounding voice (why does it always sound so bizarre when you hear your own voice back?) and unprofessional video, I’m glad I did it.

My aim is to get my book out there… and I’m hoping that this will be a fun way of doing it.  Who knows maybe I can make it a regular occurance. Let’s see.

Until next time folks!

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