It’s competition time…

I’ve almost finished my Mellissa and Bertram novella, set forty years before The Soul Guide and in light of this (and because I need a bit of help) I have set up a competition to win a signed paperback copy of The Soul Guide on my Facebook author page here

To enter, head on over to my facebook page, like me (please) and follow the rules listed in the pinned post. To give you a bit of background I have been going around in circles trying to think up a suitable title for this novella. For some reason completely unknown to me, I suck at this. Words are supposed to be my thing right? Clearly thinking up a catchy title isn’t!

Anyway, to try and help me out, and to gain some interaction with readers (I hope) I have set up this competition. I posted this competition on the 21st April and so far no-one has entered (I’m not actually sure whether to laugh or cry) but of course it’s early days and perhaps there’s a ton of people thinking up stuff and just waiting to post. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway 😉

This could, of course, go horribly wrong and no-one will enter and I will look like a first class wally! If it fails then I haven’t really lost anything, except perhaps my pride. But, its worth a shot. I’m doing all I can to engage readers and I hope this will work towards that. So anyways, the rules of the competition are as follows:
1. Only ONE entry per person, so make sure it’s a good one!
2. If you haven’t already you must like this page to enter.
3. The title MUST have three words, this is to keep it in style with book one and the rest of the series.
4. You can’t copyright a title so once I’ve chosen there’s no coming back with any claim to rights etc. I will, however, mention your name in my acknowledgement page (and of course thank you profusely)
5. You must post your competition entry in the comment below this thread. No other comments in the thread please other than competition entry titles.
6. Feel free to share
7. The competition will close on the 14th May 2017
8. The winner will be notified by the 19th May 2017
9. If there are not enough entries or none of the entries are suitable I reserve right to close the competition without choosing any of the titles. I will however, randomly select one of the entries to receive a signed paperback anyway.
10. This is NOT open to family and friends of the author. Sorry peeps just to keep things fair and transparent
11. By entering this competition you are agreeing to all of the above

To help you out, below is a short synopsis of the prequel. This is set forty years before The Soul Guide and both Bertram and Mellissa are in their early twenties. You would be at a distinct advantage if you’ve already read The Soul Guide, but it is not a requirement to enter this competition.

After the reading of his grandfathers will, a grief stricken Bertram finds himself moving into the decrepit Clayhill Manor as per his grandfathers request.

Shortly after his arrival, red-headed beauty, Mellissa, whirls into his life and changes his world forever. After their first touch their connection is sealed and it is revealed that she is The Soul Guide, and Bertram the Caretaker.
A tentative friendship is formed as they both come to terms with their new roles. When a door suddenly appears in the grounds of Clayhill some weeks later, their peaceful life is upended once again. Mellissa, troubled by her past and Bertram’s growing feelings for her, leaves through the door seeking answers. Left alone, Bertram struggle’s with his unrequited love for Mellissa. Apart they are weak, together they are stronger and the Mephisto are always watching.

All postage will be paid by moi.

GOOD LUCK folks! I look forward to seeing what you come up with ☺️


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