Kilarney, Ireland and the inspiration I found there…

Today, I am flying back home following a long weekend to Kilarney, Ireland for a friends wedding. It has been a fantastic weekend of merriment with friends, and the Irish have been nothing but welcoming and warm. They sure now how to party! I’m still recovering! 

Whilst I’ve been here my husband and I took the opportunity to take a look around Kilarney National park, home to Muckcross Abbey and surrounding lakes. 

I have to say, I was completely blown away by the beauty, grandeur and spriritual feel of the Abbey. I felt something as soon as I walked in there. I’m not religious, I don’t believe in God, but I do believe that a person’s soul can leave a mark on this world long after it’s physical body has departed. I really got a sense of lives long since passed the moment I walked into the building. It gives me chills now thinking about it. 

You know when you walk into a place and it just feels different, like your being watched. Well I got that feeling in spades. I suppose it could have been the other tourists (lol) but you get what I mean. The Abbey has history and some of it pretty gruesome. If walls could talk and all…But I didn’t feel scared at all, far from it in fact. I got that buzz other writers might recognise. The one where your fingers are itching to to jot down ideas… I stepped through the arched doorway and all of a sudden I had a million ideas buzzing around my head, and well, when I entered the central courtyard which held the beautiful, old, twisted Yew tree at its heart I almost jumped up and down in joy! This place had to appear in a future novel. It was perfect! 

Anyhow, I needed to tell you how blinking amazing it was. Below are some photos…. maybe they’ll spark an idea in you too? 

2 thoughts on “Kilarney, Ireland and the inspiration I found there…

    • kellystockauthor says:

      Thank you! I can’t take credit for all, some were taken by my husband. If you ever get the chance to visit Ireland, Muckcross Abbey should definitely be on your list. A special place for sure.


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