Goodreads Giveaway – we have a winner…

Today I received an email from the Goodreads team with the details of my giveaway winner. For obvious reasons, I can’t give full details of the winner but I can tell you that the The Soul Guide will be winging its way to a gentleman in Atlanta, US!

So, dear winner (you know who you are) if you ever get to read this, congratulations. I truly hope you enjoy reading my book!

I said in a previous post that I would report back about my observations on a Goodreads Giveaway. The competition ran from the 5th April to the 6th May and I received 815 entries. Which, although peanuts in comparison to other authors, I was pretty blinking chuffed with. To me, that’s 815 people who were interested enough in my book to want to win it and that, in my opinion, is only a good thing.

So here’s what I learnt:

  1. Do not restrict the countries you open the competition too. Open it out to everyone! I just opened to US and UK residents. I don’t know why I didn’t open to all. I think, in retrospect, it was because it was my first competition and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Which actually doesn’t make any logical sense, when I think about it now. Given I am paying for the postal cost and of course, the print copy of the book why did it matter where in the world the winner was?! Next time – open out to all countries.
  2. I put the competition up for a month. Which, seemed like a great idea at the time. My logic was the longer its up there the more time people will have to enter and therefore more entries. However, from what I can gather from the stats most of my entries were within the first few days of the competition going up and the last few days before it ended. This makes sense given the four categories are Ending Soon, Most Requested, Popular Authors and Recently Listed. Given my book wouldn’t fall into the middle two categories it would only be seen in the Ending Soon and Recently Listed. Therefore listing the book for a shorter period of time would probably have generated more entries as it would be visible in both sections. I can only know for sure by doing another Goodreads Giveaway, so I will feedback once I do. Next time: shorter competition period – two weeks max.
  3. Advertising the Giveaway. I didn’t do much by way of advertising the Giveaway. I posted a widget here on my website, posted on my Facebook and Twitter page periodically and mentioned in my Newsletter. I think because it was going on for a month I didn’t have the impetus to keep on posting, tweeting etc about it. Plus it felt like I was blowing my own trumpet and I’m not so great at that. Next time: shorter competition length, more regular (timed) tweets / posts to engage interest. 
  4. Out of the 815 people who entered 350 ‘added’ my book to their list of books, and 335 to their ‘to read’ list. That’s approx 40 % of people who entered who will, hopefully, at some point read my book. I can’t be disappointed with that. However, this is assuming of course they decide to do that. Some may lose interest and not bother. But I’ve got to hope at least a handful with go on to buy and review The Soul Guide. We’ll see. I will certainly feedback with any figures.

All in all, I found that the Goodreads Giveaway was quite successful. I’ve learnt what to do differently next time and it’s proved to be just another step in getting The Soul Guide out into the consciousness of the reading population. I do hope the winner enjoys reading The Soul Guide at least!

Oh, and whilst I’m talking about competitions. There is still a competition happening on my Facebook page to win a signed copy of The Soul Guide and help me find a title to my prequel novella. Head on over here for your chance to enter.  The competition is the pinned post on my page. GOOD LUCK!

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