A little while ago I had an idea. What if I left a copy of my book somewhere for someone else to read, and what if I ask them to pass it on to a friend, a stranger, whoever. And what if that person passed it on and so on…

The idea came about when I was trying to think of fun / different ways to get my book out in the public without constant salesy pitches on Facebook and Twitter. I’d ordered a handful of print books for various competitions I was part of and there were a few spare and so I thought let’s try and do something fun and creative with these books, and bingo, the #travellingbook came about. 

I mean, what’s the worse that could happen? Yes, the person picking it up may just chuck it in the bin…. and my #travellingbook would’ve got no further than the local dump or (and this is what I am counting on) the person could pick it up and actually read it and, hopefully, pass it on!

I plan to leave five books in various locations (three have already been left this week). I left a note in the book each time, explaining who I was  and giving instructions on what I would like them to do… in the hope I could generate some interest / buzz organically. 

I figured that I am a reader and I would love to find a book with a note from the author. I would like to think others would too. I guess there is a danger said book will remain with the first person who finds it,  but hopefully they will take part in the spirit of the #travellingbook and pass it on! 

I’m hoping I’ll get tagged in on people’s reviews, photos and comments of The Soul Guide but, hey, that could be wishful thinking too. I guess it all depends on the reader. 

For now I will wait and see what happens. Will The Soul Guide go on a journey or will it remain on someone’s bookshelf or worse, bin? Only time will tell! 

Here’s some photos of the start of their journey… 

Left on the top of a famous hill in Surrey….

Left in the changing rooms of a well known high street fashion store in London.

The third book was left in a well known high street coffee shop, also in London, but I wasn’t able to take a photo as it was way too obvious (I felt a bit daft and a bit self conscious too be honest).

I’ve two more books to leave somewhere random over the next few days.

Let me know if you are one of the finders! And of course, fingers crossed, where you left it or who you passed it onto. Oh, and don’t forget to tag me in on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or here on my blog #thesoulguideseries #travellingbook

Happy reading! 

5 thoughts on “#travellingbook 

  1. rod says:

    Interesting idea….might need a bit more follow up/thought. How about suggesting the readers leave their comments on Amazon, under the review section (assuming you’re on Amazon) about where they found it and what their thoughts were. That way the readers get some visibility too


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