The Flock August Releases

As I’ve mentioned on another Blog post today about The Flock Launch party, all of my fellow Flock authors have had or will be having a release this month!! When I saw the list, I thought damn, I need to catch up with these ladies! Lol!

My next release, Tortured Souls – book two of The Soul Guide series, will be releasing 21st October and I will have a novelette coming out again in November with the 12 Days of Christmas anthology.  Can’t wait to share these with you!!

But for now, to support my fellow Flock authors here are their August releases! Aren’t they bloody great?!

3rd August: Cloaked (Beyond the Curse #3) by Laura Greenwood


8th August: Falling (My Winter Wolf #2) by Arizona Tape

Winter wolf2

14th August: Elliot’s Secret (The King Brothers #3) by G. Bailey

Elliot's Secret

15th August: Twisted Fate (Fractured Fate #2) by Cece Rose

Twisted Fate

15th August: Stones of Winter (Winter Princess #2) by Skye MacKinnon

Stones of Winter

15th August: Creatures (includes Ocean’s Serenade, co-written by Laura Greenwood) creatures

16th August: Strip for Me #1 by G. Bailey

strip for me

22nd August: (My Winter Wolf #3) by Arizona Tape

My Winter Wolf

24th August: Catching His Ladybird by Laura Greenwood


Aren’t these just incredible! I can’t wait for next month’s release either The Flock authors are unstoppable!

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