Sisters of Hex – now the hard work begins in earnest.

Last Wednesday my kids returned to school and I began buckling down and writing in earnest. Tortured Souls has gone for a final proof read in preparation for its release on the 21st October and I am getting on with my new project under my pen name Bea Paige. As I’ve mentioned before this is a new genre for me, and whilst it’s not a huge stretch from urban fantasy, it is a little saucier!

However, I do feel as though the words are coming (excuse the pun) much easier and I’ve managed to write 15k since Wednesday which for me is pretty good going considering it took me 18 months to write just over 96k words for The Soul Guide.

Accacia’s Curse is the first book of a fifteen book series called the ‘Sisters of Hex’. The series will be divided into five lots of three books.  The three book ‘mini-series’ will revolve around one of the five sisters and each book within the three book mini-series will concentrate on an individual suitor of a particular paranormal group who come from a place called Ever Vale.  The fifteen books will be interconnected but the idea is that you could read each mini-series out of order if you wished.

The backstory to the Sisters of Hex (yep, there’s a curse) is explained in an upcoming story called Five Gold Rings which will be a part of the 12 Days of Christmas anthology I’m going to be a part of which is releasing in November. This story will explain the ‘prophecy’ and kick start the Sister of Hex series. Alongside the vamps, there will also be Fae, Demi-Gods, Wolf-shifters, and angels all coming up in the books that follow. For now, I hope Accacia and her vampires will keep you entertained.

Accacia’s Curse #1 Sister of Hex – Available now for pre-order
Accacia’s Blood #2 Sister of Hex  – Coming soon
Accacia’s Bite #3 Sister of Hex  – Coming 2018

Bea (Kelly) x

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