The Soul Guide series continues… where friendships are forged, alliances are made and hearts are broken.

Tortured Souls, book two of The Soul Guide series, releases tomorrow. Of course, I am really excited to see how this book is received but also extremely nervous! Apparently, book two of any given series is even more important than the first. If you are lucky enough to hook your readers with the first book, then book two needs to keep those readers hooked. Not such an easy feat, though I hope I have managed this with Tortured Souls!

Over the last week or so I’ve begun to get feedback from my ARC team and I am delighted to say it’s been positive. That’s always such a relief!

So, a little about Tortured Souls. This book really does delve more into the world of the Master and the Mephisto. In places, it is dark, very much so. In fact, the creatures described in this book are very much pulled from some pretty scary dreams I had as a kid. (I had a vivid imagination that haunted me as a child, but which I am thankful for as an adult!) The Mephisto are dark, evil, without soul and pretty much encompass all the bad traits of human nature. In this book, I explain where they come from, and how they came to be.  But there is light and joy too, and that comes in the form of the relationships between the characters, not just the main three.

Of course, it was important to me that I explored the relationship between Sybil, Alec, and Bertram further. They are an unlikely trio who through circumstances beyond their control are thrown together to face quite a formidable foe. All of them have lost someone special to them, and their grief was something that brought them together in the last book and concretes their relationship in Tortured Souls. There is love too… but that would be telling!

In Tortured Souls, we also get to know some side characters a bit better and their story is explained more in this book. Carlo and Victor are actually two of my favourite characters both for very different reasons. Carlo reminds me of an old family friend who passed away some years ago, and in actual fact is very much based on him. One of the things I love to do is keep people I care about or had a significant impact in my life, alive in my stories and so most of my characters are based on someone I know. What better gift to give those I love than immortality in a book?

Victor, however, is a completely made up character who is frankly, an arse, complicated, brutal, brave and integral to this story. In The Soul Guide he wasn’t a good guy, he did bad things… but in this book and the next ones he may well find redemption. You’ll have to keep reading to see.

In Tortured Souls, you will also be introduced to new characters, Estelle being one, and some others who are only really introduced in the latter part of this book but will feature more heavily in book three – Save our Souls, which  I hope will be out next year. Estelle is the catalyst to Sybil and Alec finally taking action after the shock of finding out who they were in the last book. She is a great character full of her own strengths and weaknesses and someone who may or may not throw a spanner in the works between Alec and Sybil.

You will also read more about the Warriors of Light, a subject touched on in Secrets and Souls and a something that will be developed further in book three.

I don’t want to give much more away apart from the fact that I adore writing these books and I hope you adore reading them too.

To celebrate Tortured Souls release day I am having a Facebook party from 12pm-12am tomorrow, Saturday 21st October. This is a joint release party with my author friends Laura Greenwood and Skye Mackinnon. It would be amazing if you could drop in… just click on the link below and press attend! You can party with us from the comfort of your own home. There will be an astounding list of authors in attendance, games, giveaways and you may even get a live feed of me during my slot at 2pm.


I hope to see you all there x

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