Kelly is a multitasking mum, wife, colleague, friend, daughter, sister and lastly, but no means least writer. Her love of writing started when she began her Creative Writing degree at North London University in 1999. She hasn’t always wanted to be a writer, her first job of choice was a vet, but that dream died when she realised she was allergic to most small furry animals. But, she has always loved to read, and that’s where her passion for writing began.

After finishing her degree in 2002, she didn’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, until thirteen years later. Life in all its wonderful glory got in the way. Then when her youngest went to school full-time she had precious time on her hands. It was during this time that Bertram, Sybil and Alec were conceived and her first novel, The Soul Guide was born.

In her spare time, you can find Kelly, reading, bringing up her kids the best way she knows how and trying desperately not to make a fool of herself on social media.

Kelly writes her Urban Fantasy series in her real name and her Paranormal romance / reverse harem series in her pen name Bea Paige. Please feel free to have a mooch around! 



































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