Accacia’s Bite

Accacia’s Bite is the third book of the Sisters of Hex series and releases on the 27th January 2018. This story concludes Accacia and her vampire men story, but not the Sister of Hex series. Read on for an excerpt of the Accacia’s Bite.


Oblivion, that is what I need. Darkness is what I crave now. I can still feel her life within my grasp, her pulse beneath my palm. I wanted to rip her throat out. She took what I needed from me and I hate her for it, and yet she lives.
I don’t understand why I am walking away. This need in me to kill is strong and yet my legs move as though my head has no control over them. My fist curls and I punch the stone wall. Bones break. I hear the loud snap, but the pain doesn’t register. Nothing does, nothing apart from her eyes and that strange voice inside my head. The one I know is there, but which I cannot hear.
I let out another loud roar. Killing the woman who tasted of violets is not enough to appease this darkness which rages within my chest. There is only one place now that can do that. The chambers and the desperate, hollow, prisoners within.
I am the queens Dark Knight. I am her Punisher.
That is what I know, that is what calls to me now. Not the indistinct voice inside my head.
I stop, leaning against the damp wall. Breathing has become difficult suddenly. I remember the strength of her gaze, the courage of her words. What was her name again?
“So, why don’t you?” She had said those words without fear, without any concern for her life. How I’d wanted to kill her. And yet… those eyes. I can’t seem to get them out of my thoughts. A memory feathers against my mind. Something bright, familiar. The darkness parts a little for it. I see a rose wrapped around an arm…