Avalanche of Desire

Book one of the Brothers Freed series, a contemporary reverse harem book, is out now.

Here’s the front cover and the blurb.

Avalanche of Desire1 For Louisa, the Christmas period has never been full of joy and cheer, unless you counted a drunk mother and her trail of deadbeat ‘boyfriends’. So when she gets the opportunity to become a chalet girl in the resort of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps she jumps at the chance. Only she gets more than she bargained for when her assigned family turn out to be three hot bachelor brothers with a penchant for partying and women. When Louisa is asked to join the brothers on a trip to a remote log cabin high up in the mountains she has no choice but to go or risk losing her job. Can Louisa fend off their advances or will she succumb to an Avalanche of Desire?



“You have the most beautiful arse, like a ripe peach.” He steps closer, his hands smoothing over my skin before sliding over my bottom. I can feel the coarse hair of his chest tickle against my back. I love the feel of it, of him pressed against me. His warm mouth glides against my neck as his hands trail down my arms. He lifts them up, guiding me to put the flat of my hands against the shower wall. I can feel the firm silk of his cock rest briefly against the crack of my arse before he stands back slightly with a groan. Bryce is still hard, despite his release. “Louisa, what are you doing to me?” he says as his hands begin to massage my aching breasts. He pulls my nipples into hard points, twirling them gently between his thumb and fingers. Desire pools within my chest, blooming outwards. I am on fire. “Bryce…” I moan. He releases me from his teasing, sliding his hands over my rib cage and lower towards the heat of my sex. I am desperate for his touch, I ache for him, wanting nothing more than for him to press his fingers against my clit. Still, he teases me as his hands move lower, smoothing the front of my thighs before circling around and cupping my arse. “Spread your legs for me, darling,” he says, kneeling behind me. I do as he asks, realising I’m pretty much putty in his hands. I know what is coming and I want his mouth pressed against my sweet spot more than anything else right now. One of his large hands grips my hip whilst the other pushes gently against my lower back urging me to bend over. My body follows his demands instinctively…