Fern’s Trilogy

On May 2nd Fern’s Decision will be releasing. This is the first book in Fern’s trilogy and will revolve around Fern and her Dark Angels.

Fern's Decision

Death is a lonely place, silent, or so everyone thinks…

Fern is no stranger to death, or the singing that accompanies it. She has always known when a person is about to die, for the singing foretells it. Her mother passed it off as an oddity never to be discussed, so she learned to tune out the voices until they disappeared for good. Or so she thought.

Then one day, as she fights to bring back a dying baby in the hospital where she works, Fern hears the familiar melody once more. Except this time the voice belongs to a man with ice-blue eyes and black angel wings. As the baby takes its final breath, the angel sings his last note. For this isn’t an angel who gives life, it is one that takes it.

One year has passed since that encounter, and just when Fern is beginning to believe it had all been an illusion, the angel returns, and this time he’s not alone. For now there are three Angels of Death and Fern appears to be their next victim.

Fern’s Decision is the first book of Fern’s trilogy and continues the Sisters of Hex story. Although this is the start of a standalone trilogy, to get a full picture of the overarching storyline you might wish to read Accacia’s trilogy first.

***TRIGGER WARNING – This book contains content that some may find triggering***


As per the warning, this book has a couple of chapters that may be difficult for some to read. I am a great believer in writing what works for the story no matter how hard that may be. As a mother, I can only imagine how truly devastating it is to lose a baby in childbirth. The utter devastation, pain, and heartache very hard to bear. When I began researching the subject, I found some incredible charities that support mothers and their families and felt really strongly about supporting them.

To this end I will be splitting 10% of the profits from this book’s first-month release and sending them to the charities below:

Tommy’s:           https://www.tommys.org/
Sands:                 https://www.sands.org.uk/
Lullaby Trust:   https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/

I will update with a blog post once the first month earning are revealed. If you wish to support these charities, please do so by clicking on the links above.

Thanks x