Five Gold Rings – A Sisters of Hex related story

In November I will be partaking in an anthology where myself and several other authors will be writing a story revolving around the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas carol.

The premise was simple; write a story between 2-10k, flexible genre, PG rating for sex/swearing, the ‘day’ has to come into it somehow and, finally, the story can fit into an existing world created (super for cross promoting).

I jumped at the chance to get in on this anthology and when I saw that Five Gold Rings was available I knew that was the one for me!

Without giving too much away, my story will be connected to my Sisters of Hex reverse harem series that revolves around five ‘sisters’ who have been hexed by an evil witch Queen Adrielle.  Five Gold Rings will explain why the Queen hexed the ‘sisters’ and the clans they were born into. Now, the Sisters of Hex stories will be based between the world as we know it (Earth) and a fantastical world just out of reach (Ever Vail). Five Gold Rings will very much be set in Ever Vail and will introduce Rhain, Ezra and Devin who will appear in the first three books of the Sisters of Hex series). It will also reveal the prophecy and introduce the evil Queen Adrielle.

For now, here is a little excerpt. Look out for Five Gold Rings in the 12 Days of Christmas anthology coming up in November 2017:

I have lived, as my parents before me and their parents before that, under Queen Adrielle’s rule. I am her chambermaid. I am her slave. Like generations of my kin before me, I am bound to her. She has ruled over all of the warring clans and the common folk within Ever Vale for a very, very long time.

Almost one-thousand years to be precise. 

Today, as I watch the last of the shimmering, lilac-edged sun slip behind the star-filled horizon, I feel a quickening within my blood. Every night is the same. A longing deep within me calls for that I wish for most.

For blood.

My name is Lissandra; I am a descendent of Clan Lux and I am cursed. During the day, when the sunlight brightens the land, I am forced to live within the shadows of the Queen’s castle. Every full moon, like my fellow Clan members, I must feed off the innocent or die a long and painful death. Queen Adrielle would have it no other way, and I hate her for it.

You see, it wasn’t always this way. My mother and father, long since returned to the light, told me stories of a life I can only dream of. When once the sun fed our life-force, it now has the power to disintegrate the members of Clan Lux, and their descendants, to dust.

In my short twenty years I have seen it happen, too many times to count.  Clan members have been returned to the light as punishment, for the Queen’s entertainment, or because a clan member can take this life no more. Sunlight is the only thing that can destroy us, or at least destroy us quicker than time. You see, not only are we cursed to live in the dark and feed on blood, we, the people of Clan Lux, all live longer than the common folk who reside in the flatlands below us.

I am jealous of those people, who some see as nothing but cattle, jealous that their lives end naturally when their skin has become wrinkled and paper thin, and their hair has turned a wispy white. A small laugh escapes my lips at the absurdity of it all. Not wanting to disturb the Queen who is sleeping still, I place a hand across my mouth, the feel of sharp incisor teeth turning my insides cold. To think I am jealous of such mortality, is nothing if not ironic.

I will live in the darkness for hundreds, maybe thousands of years longer than the common folk.  The only commonality between us is my ability to conceive a single child. I have heard rumours that the commoners hate us for it. I do not blame them either. We feed off them, live lifetimes longer, and are still gifted with the ability to bear a single child. But, I do not see it as a gift. Every child born into this life carries the curse of our forebearers, with no exceptions. I am my parent’s only child. I am a lonely child. I am alone.

My parents are dead.