The Sister of Hex series

Bea Paige writes paranormal romance / reverse harem books. Sisters of Hex is her new series.

 Accacia’s Curse – Sisters of Hex book one

Born with a rare blood disorder that means she cannot go out in daylight, Accacia has learned to live in the dark, even if it has been incredibly lonely. Determined to find a cure that will finally allow her to walk in the sun, Accacia has spent her days and nights holed up in her laboratory doing just that.
After a freak encounter with a tall, dark and ridiculously handsome gentleman, Accacia might just have found her cure, but not in the way she expected. Drawn into a parallel world of paranormal creatures and a Queen who wants her dead, Accacia has to put her trust in three vampires who, seemingly, want to devour her in more ways than one. Accacia’s Curse is book one of the Sister of Hex – reverse harem series. The first three books will follow Accacia and her vampire suitors; Rhain, Ezra and Devin.

Accacia’s Blood – Sisters of Hex book two

Accacia’s Bite – Sisters of Hex book three


Kelly Stock - Accacia's Bite