Sisters of Hex & Bea Paige

I have some super exciting news!!!

I’ve decided to broaden my horizons a little and delve into a new genre (for me) of PNR (Paranormal Romance) and RH (Reverse Harem). Why’s that? I hear you ask.

Well, for one it is a little known fact, that I happen to ADORE reading PNR / RH and my kindle is FULL of them. Two, I am the friend who always talks about her love of the paranormal. I got my husband into watching True Blood (shh, don’t tell anyone). I spend any spare time catching up on the Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, The Originals… (which isn’t a lot these days, but still) I mean I could go on, but you catch my drift 😉

I am not ashamed to admit that I LOVE these books, and, often, subsequent TV shows for their pure entertainment value and their ability to whisk readers/viewers into a place that is so far removed from their own life that it is the purest form of escapism. I mean, what is better than that, frankly? After a hard day’s work, what’s better than to suspend reality for a few minutes whilst delving into a great new book or TV series? I can’t think of anything (apart from a glass of red and a packet of Haribo, which often accompanies said book/TV escapism).

Plus, isn’t the aim of all authors to be able to successfully transport their reader to a fantastical world for a bit of escapism? Yes, of course it is.

I think, some people (ok, I’m going to say it, the snobbish literati) out there may well frown upon such novels. I mean, lets face it, you won’t be catching a story about a witch and her three wereshifter lovers on the Man Booker Prize list now will you?  Someone recently said to me during a general conversation about this genre the following: “Isn’t that trash written by lonely, old, middle-aged housewives who wouldn’t know how to write a complex sentence if it was bashed over their head”. I mean, really? Urgh. I would bet my redundancy packet that this said person would have at least one of these books on her Kindle. Cue eye rolling!

Anyway, not one to let naysayers put me off, I have decided to write a series of books in this wonderful genre. I am writing in a pen name, and before you start assuming that this is because I am worried what other’s may think, it’s not. I do already have books out in the Soul Guide Series (Urban Fantasy) – have a look around this blog you’ll see for yourself – and these are written under my actual name Kelly Stock.

However, after much research, apparently it is widely known that the clever algorithms on Amazon have trouble separating different genres when written by the same author name. Think of it this way, it’s like sending erotica books to people who love christian romance….  not the best form of advertising me thinks.

The general consensus is nope, don’t do it. Change of genre, change of name. My genre’s aren’t so different that any kind of funky Amazon algorithm would do too much harm, but I like the idea of separating them. Plus, its much easier to interact with a specific group of readers who have a certain expectation of you if you have an ‘alter ego’, so to speak.

My alter ego is Bea Paige and she is the writer behind The Sisters of Hex series. A planned 15 book (eek) series revolving around five sisters and their paranormal lovers (three each btw). Each sister will have three books in their own ‘mini series’ within the larger overarching series. And each book will revolve around one of her three lovers (or her harem). I must say now, that I am already having an absolute BLAST plotting this series. I’ve already trawled through Pintrest and found lots of perfect inspiration for my male characters. There will be vampires, angels, fae, wolfshifters and demi-gods. I will reveal some of them here over the coming weeks and months, but if you can’t wait that long head on over to my FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM account and do some stalking.

I am also partaking in a joint project called ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ anthology where myself and eleven other authors will contribute one story to the anthology that will be linked to one of the 12 Days of Christmas poem – mine is ‘Five Gold Rings’. Of course, this is a perfect opportunity for me to link this story with my Sisters of Hex series (the first of which is due Valentines Day 2018 – you can see what I’m trying to do here). All proceeds of this book will go to Book Bus charity.  I’m incredibly excited to be involved!

Anyhow, I will be updating this page regularly with news about the Sisters of Hex series as and when stuff comes up.

Oh, and you’re welcome to tell all your friends about my alter ego Bea Paige, because Kelly Stock has nothing to hide!