Small Successes

Taking a leaf out of a closed Facebook group I’m a member of, I have decided to include a permanent ‘Small Successes’ page on my website.

I think it’s extremely important for a self-published author to focus on what they’ve done successfully, or even just to acknowledge successes however small they might be.

I find myself constantly worrying about why my book might not be selling on any given day, rather than focusing on the successes I’ve had already. After all, I have never done anything like this before. Even writing to this extent is new to me, marketing and promoting is even further out of my comfort zone. So, I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t possibly know it all, and that every success is worth celebrating!

Hopefully this new page will be a great reminder of what I have achieved so far. I intend to come back to it whenever I’m feeling low to remind myself that I’m doing ok. I also hope it will be a great place for other would be self-published authors to come and take a look at and get ideas or just know that if I can do this from nothing then you can too!!

Here’s to small successes – and for bigger ones yet to come!