Australian ranking climb..

I regularly check my KDP reports page for sales (ok, so more like obsessively check. I am trying to curb this, I swear) and was pleasantly surprised to find a little jump on my e-book sales graph, and a pretty major one on the Kindle Unlimited (KU) page reads.

It would appear, that overnight, I had sold a few books. Yay! Go me! Happy little dance!

Interested to know just where these sales took place, I downloaded the very helpful report and was surprised to find that all of the books had been bought in Australia! I was pretty amazed given I have done zero advertising for this part of the world. I mean none, zero, zilch, nada.

Nonetheless, for a short period of time I was #2588 ranking overall in paid AU Kindle store. I mean #2588 overall!  That’s pretty epic for a no-name, newbie author like me!

I was #26 in dark fantasy and #31 in contemporary fantasy. I have absolutely NO IDEA how this happened but I am so grateful that it did.

So, I thought that I should record this little success here to remind me that if I can do it once, then I can do it again! For every small success must surely lead to bigger ones.