Free Rankings climb

As part of the Multi Indie Author Event which I wrote about in my ‘April Promotions blog’ here, The Soul Guide was free to download over two days (18th/19th April). I was working on the 18th so I didn’t really log on to Amazon until I got home from work at about 6pm. I had low expectations, not because I didn’t think that the event would go well, but because I didn’t want to get my hopes up only for them to be dashed.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that The Soul Guide was ranking pretty damn well.

This is my (extremely excited) post on my author page in Facebook:

Getting slightly excited Amazon UK: #4 in Fantasy Metaphysical / Visionary (kinda random sub genre but hey) #18 in Urban fantasy and #536 overall in FREE Kindle Store. Highest yet. I’m so chuffed. Whoot Whoot!!
US #27 Fantasy Metaphysical / Visionary and #136 Paranormal Urban. I’ve got to be chuffed with that! 

I’d never expected it to do so well, not because I don’t think it’s a good book, but because, well there’s SO MANY good books out there. I thought that it would, as usual, get lost in the mountain of books on Amazon. BUT it didn’t, and it got better. (I have to be honest with you at this point, I was obsessively checking the rankings every 2.5 seconds all night) By almost midnight my book was the highest its ever ranked in the FREE books categories.

Amazon UK: #2 in Metaphysical / Visionary Fantasy sub-genre, #9 in Urban Fantasy sub-genre and #208 overall. 

I so wanted it to get to the #1 spot, but I cannot be disappointed with these rankings.

Now, let’s get real, this is the FREE rankings and, of course, getting the same kind of rankings in the PAID carries a lot more Kudos. However, for me, at this moment in time it’s about getting The Soul Guide into the hands of as many readers as possible. If I can earn a bit of ‘pocket money’ doing that then great, if not, then so be it. I realise that earning a living at selling my books will take a lot more work, time and energy, and more importantly, more books!

It was a great experience none-the-less, the feeling of joy I got when I realised just how many people had took a chance on an unknown like me and downloaded my book was fantastic.  So, my ‘Free ranking climb post’ deserves it’s place in the Small Successes thread for sure!

Now to replicate that with PAID for sales! Believe me, I am working on this!

NOTE: Update – The Soul Guide is also available in paperback, and as a side-effect of the FREE promotion, I had five paperback buys on the 19th April. Five may not sound as much but I thought that this was a great bonus! Yipee!