Newsletter success

Last night I sent out my second newsletter to my growing list of subscribers. It’s not a huge list by any stretch of the imagination but it is more than the handful of friends who signed up after feeling sorry for me (lol).

The aim of the newsletter is to engage new readers and keep them coming back for more, or, at least hope that they don’t unsubscribe! I mean, obviously I would like them to buy my book (most have subscribed having downloaded an excerpt of The Soul Guide from Instafreebie) and any future books to, but also to keep them as readers.

After sending out the first email last month and not getting much of an open rate (this may be to do with my newsletter being recognised as spam, but I don’t know for sure) I decided to up my game a bit.

So, I had a re-think and asked myself what I would want to see in an author newsletter. Well, firstly, whilst I wouldn’t mind a couple of ‘salesy’ bits I certainly wouldn’t want the whole newsletter to be a ‘buy my book’ sales pitch. I want to know about the author, I want to now about their writing journey, their work in progress, and a bit about them as a person. I also want to know about other available books out there by other similar authors that I may want to read or they have recommended. In fact, anything SciFi/Fantasy related like movies, or TV shows they might recommend. I wouldn’t mind entering some competitions (who doesn’t love a competition to win something) and I’d like to see something different, personal to the author in some way.

With this in mind, I changed my Newsletter to reflect all of these thoughts and pressed the send button yesterday. This morning I woke up, logged on to Mail Chimp to have a look at some stats, and already this newsletter is perfoming better than the last. I also managed to get some sales… which is a bonus and although I have three unsubscribers, it’s not more than I was expecting.

Anyway, I do feel that this was a success. A small one and deserved to be listed here. If you are reading this and want to sign up to my newsletter you can do that HERE.