Secrets and Souls release

On the 7th June I released Secrets and Souls – A Bertram and Mellissa Novella. This is a prequel to The Soul Guide. This post is well deserving of its place under the small successes tab, not only because it is the second book I’ve written and published, but also because I was able to write it in a much shorter period of time.

The Soul Guide took me almost two years to write on and off. I averaged only a few hours a week on it. I was slow because it was the first book I’d written, I was learning a huge deal about the writing process and about myself as an author. Not only that, I was (still am) a ‘panster’ rather than a ‘planner’. I effectively write by the seat of my pants. I have a general idea as to where I want the plot to go, but essentially make it up as I go along. I’m not very good at outlining before-hand. I’m way too impatient. I simply want to get stuck in!

I think that Secrets and Souls was easier to write because I’d already cut my teeth on writing The Soul Guide, but also because I knew so much more about the characters and their shared history. It was a pleasure to write for all those reasons, not least because it was that much shorter – 36k to be precise!

Anyhow, since its release I’ve sold 27 e-book copies and four paperback copies of Secrets and Souls. This may not sound a lot to some but for me it’s a great achievement. In addition, I’ve also sold a further 28 books of The Soul Guide this month, which was a great additional bonus.  I’m hoping that the more books I get out the more these figures will rise. So, I am pushing forward with book two of The Soul Guide series, which I am thoroughly enjoying writing!

I have a tentative release date in September for book two, but realistically this is likely to be pushed back to October. I try to release a book on a member of my family’s birthday and it’s my husbands birthday on the 17th September so I would love to release then, but given how much I’ve still got left to do I will need to get a move on!

For now I am incredibly proud to be able to say that I have written and released two books! If you had told me three years ago that I’d managed to write not one, but two books and would be half-way through a third I wouldn’t have believed you!

For now, here’s to Secrets and Souls!