#SPFBO Books eleven and twelve

This weeks offerings are The Saga of Dirt and Poncho by Clayton Baker and Michael Kvecker, and Jack Bloodfist Fixer by James Jakins.

The Sage of Dirt and Poncho Score 8/10

Where do I start? Hmm… I can’t actually work out whether I like this excerpt or not. I’m in two minds… this book (or at least what I’ve read of it) is either bloody genius or it’s taking the complete piss (excuse my language) of the tropes that litter the genre.

You see, the thing is I actually love Frank’s voice. He was funny, acidic, and a full of one liners. I must admit I found the prologue hard going at first with the three voices warring for attention. However, once I got into it,  it was intriguing and frankly laugh out loud funny.

Moving on, the rest of the excerpt was good. As I said Frank, and to a certain extent, Dirt and Poncho grew on me like lichen. Frank is a private eye and is hired by the very odd Dirt and Poncho to spy on a ‘vampire’… like Frank I wasn’t sure whether the two men were ‘taking the Michael’ or whether the guy he was sent to spy on was actually a vamp.

He was certainly evil, although likely more human given Frank killed him with bullets and not a stake. Before you ask the guy deserved it, he had murdered five hookers just for the hell of it.

My issue with this excerpt is that it read like a ‘spoof’ of a fantasy novel rather than an actual fantasy, and whilst I liked the writing I did feel like the authors were having a dig at the genre? Perhaps I’ve completely misjudged it, and heck this is quite feasible given I’ve only read a tiny portion of it. I think this book will need to be read in its entirety to really figure out what the authors intentions were. That in itself is a good sign… better to draw a reader in than to bore them to tears, right?

For now, because I like Frank characterisation, and because Dirt and Poncho were to weird not to be liked I give the book  a solid 8/10.


Jack Bloodfist Fixer: 7.5/10

I liked this opening excerpt. The prologue was intriguing, and nicely written. I wanted to find out who the narrator was and why he’d ended up in the strange ‘in between’ place he’d found himself in. Who is the guy who was a hero, then a god, betrayed and then sent to this place? I don’t know but I do want to find out. The first half of chapter one opens with a character called Arthur Shield breaking out of his cell within an office building in New York after his God, Saban has found him, returned his powers, and seemingly with it a mission to kill every last ‘monster’.  The second half of the chapter introduces us to Jack Bloodfist whose real name is Garack, a half Orc, half Goblin. Jack is a fixer, he fixes the problems of his fellow supernatural creatures. He’s a middle-man, dealing with all the problems living in a community of Orcs and Goblins and the  like causes. His everyday life is interrupted when  dead bodies of Jack’s relatives start turning up. The excerpt ends on Jack being asked to dig up some information about his dead cousin Devin.

This excerpt is intriguing. It’s tongue-in-cheek and funny. I like Jack he seems like an alright kind of bloke (well half orc, half goblin, but you know what I mean). Is this excerpt a good read? Yeah, it is. Would I want to carry on reading? Although it’s not my usual kind of read, I think this would make interesting reading, not least because I’m intrigued about Jack and how he, and his kind function both within their own society and beyond.

That’s it for this time… Next up are:

TODAY IS TOO LATE by Burke Fitzpatrick and Cursefell by C.V. Dreesman

Until then!