#SPFBO Books nine and ten

This week I’m reviewing 

Darker Things – Book one of The Lockman Chronicles by Rob Cornell


The Tralls of Nindarry by Gayle Torrens
First up ….

Darker Things  Score 8/10

First up, Rob Cornell has changed his cover since the original one above. If you click on the link it’ll take you to the new cover which is much better in my opinion. 

Ok, so back to the point in hand. Did I like this excerpt? Yup, I did! It was fast paced, gritty and felt like I was reading a movie, or at least a very good TV show. It opens right in the action. There’s no messing about here! Meet Craig Lockman, trained to kill creatures that only exist in nightmares… The story opens with our protagonist, Craig,  coming face-to-face with his teenager daughter, followed quickly by a team of assassin vampires! Think gunfire, think gritty urban shootout, vicious vamps, and a thirteen-year-old rebellious girl and her kick arse dad. The excerpt ends with them on the run from these creatures, and from the blurb looks like Craig, and his daughter will continue to try and out run the vamps that hunt them whilst trying to figure who betrayed him in the first place.

Would I read the rest of the book? Yes. Would I recommend it? Based on this excerpt I would. An exciting, fast paced opening! Well done Rob Cornell! 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to review the  excerpt of The Tralls of Nindarry by Gayle Torrens as it doesn’t appear to be available in the Kindle store on Amazon. Shame as the blurb sounded really interesting! 

Here’s the link to the paperback if you want to check it out: 

The Tralls of Nindarry by Gayle Torrens

Next up are:

The Sage of Dirt and Poncho by Clayton Baker and Michael Kvecker


Jack Bloodfist Fixer by James Jakins 

Until then!