Storm of Seduction

Book two of the Brothers Freed series – Storm of Seduction is out now.

Storm of Seduction1With a loan shark at her door, can Louisa accept the protection of the brothers Freed? 

After her mother’s sudden death, abandoning the brothers Freed in the French Alps had been a knee-jerk reaction. Now she is alone once more.
When a loan shark comes knocking on her door demanding payment for her mother’s debt, Louisa finds herself in danger from a merciless criminal.
Saved from a brutal beating, Bryce Freed offers her the safety of the Freed family home, a job within their company and a warm spot in their beds. With few other options, Louisa finds herself agreeing to his offer. But she isn’t sure which scares her more; the man after her money, or the men after her heart.

Storm of Seduction is the second book in the Brothers Freed series. The first book, Avalanche of Desire, is currently in the Snow & Seduction box set and will be re-released with extended chapters before this book releases in March. This is a reverse harem story and for 18+ readers.


“I’m sorry for waking you,” I say. “I wasn’t asleep, baby. I’ve been waiting for you.” He smiles sweetly, and some of the pain he holds seems to fall away. Raising his hand to my face he rests his palm against my cheek, his thumb trailing over my now healed lips. He makes no move to kiss me. He just gazes at me, his beautiful green eyes and gentle touch of his hand showing me how he feels way more than his words could in this moment. The air around us is charged with something indescribable. It has been building here, between us all, since Bryce brought me back to their house over a week ago. “Louisa, my butterfly. Can you feel that.” Under my palm his heart beats like the frantic wing of a bird trapped in a cage. He lowers his hand to my chest, resting it between my breasts. “Yes, you feel it too,” he says. “Hudson, I think I…” love you. I am prevented from saying the words as he presses a gentle finger against my lips. “Hush, don’t say it. I don’t want you to utter those words until I can say it back. Believe me, baby, I want to, but there are things I must let go of first. Things that hurt me, that would hurt you if don’t deal with them.” Mirroring his actions, I bring my hand up to meet his cheek. “It’s okay. We’ll mend each other, Hudson. There will be a day when it no longer hurts, and I will be here, waiting.” Sliding my hand around the back of his neck, I pull him close, grazing my lips against his. He is exceedingly gentle when he touches me, kisses me, when he trails his lips over every inch of my skin. He sets me alight, he draws out the pain of my past and dissolves it with his adoration. That’s the only way I can describe how he makes me feel. I am adored, like I am the only woman he has ever loved. These broken pieces of me, they have cut my heart to pieces over the years, but now with these men, the cuts they’re not so deep. We make love, for this is what it is. There is no denying the rawness of the unfamiliar emotions that he and I both feel in this moment. I return his tenderness with my own, letting him in, mirroring every touch, every kiss, every slide of my lips across the warmth of his skin. I blaze a trail direct to his heart, showing him how much I care, giving him every single piece of me. I crack open my heart, allowing the last shards of ice to melt away. When Hudson finally slides inside of me, his chest pressed against my back, his arm around my waist, his mouth hot against my neck I know without any doubt that I am now complete. That Hudson, Bryce and Max have settled themselves inside my heart permanently.